18 Achievements in 2019 That Prove Solve.Care is Unstoppable

Looking back with pride and satisfaction, looking forward with excitement and expectation.

The program will incentivize the company’s community to build quality healthcare solutions and receive rewards for doing so. Using a staking model also provides Solve.Care’s clients with assurances that project bidders are committed to advancing the Solve.Care ecosystem.

We relocated our global headquarters to Singapore.

Joining us: Dr. David Hanekom was appointed as President, North America and Chief Medical Officer; Jason Dehni, a former banking and insurance executive, as Regional President, Asia Pacific (APAC); Mel Deutsch as General Counsel; and, Tay Guan Keng as Director of Finance and Administration.

Dr. David Hanekom and Jason Dehni
Mel Deutsch and Tay Guan Keng

Solve.Care signed a contract with the global pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim. Solve.Care will publish a blockchain-based care network for people with diabetes, to educate and empower them to take better care of themselves.

This major US government contractor, to help broaden its health information technologies portfolio and enhance client services in the U.S. Federal sector.

This online global competition allowed UX and UI designers to have a real-life impact on healthcare, be exposed to famous UX and UI designers, and receive recognition on design platforms, healthcare media, and Solve.Care corporate channels. The 2019 Contest began on August 20, 2019 and lasted 72 days. 698 UX/UI designers from 73 countries participated.

This 3-hour networking event engages supporters in an informal setting, in downtown Seoul, South Korea. This was a first for the company.

The Care.Card Factory is a team dedicated exclusively to building and publishing Care.Cards that are easy to understand, easy to use, and highly efficient in getting the job done. The immediate focus of the Care.Card Factory to work with clients on the dozens of Care.Cards they are interested in publishing in the near term.

With our Care.Card Tile Library, anyone with basic design skills can build Care.Cards in as little as 15 minutes. We launched a Korean-language version of the Tile Library as a part of our Asia Expansion Plan.

This library includes guidelines and all required elements, such as buttons, icons, objects, backgrounds, etc., that can be used for hundreds of different Care.Card use cases. Anyone will be able to create a Care.Card according to their needs and add to Care.Wallet. Watch this video to find out more.

Our SOLVE utility token is a digital currency with a mission, supporting an ENTIRE healthcare universe created on blockchain. What is SOLVE Token and why is it so important? In our video series “All About SOLVE”, we explore the ways in which the token is used. We’ve already produced two episodes with more to be released soon.

All About SOLVE, Episode 1: What is SOLVE token?

These courses give young specialists and recent graduates the opportunity to gain professional training and serve to foster new developing talent for Solve.Care’s operational center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Solve.Care Academy is more than just a program, but a place for beginning UX/UI designers and React Native specialists to start their professional journey.

Arizona Care Network won a NAACOS Innovation Award for their implementation of Solve.Care Care.Wallet for Physicians. They received the award on April 25th at the 2019 National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) Spring Conference.

Thank you, Solve.Care community members! You’re a significant part of our success. To show our appreciation, we created Solve’n’Reward, our new Community loyalty program. Want to know more? Follow the link and learn how you can earn prizes for community involvement!

We also created a new tradition: the Community Spotlight. Achieving the company’s mission requires the support of a global community. And some of the members in Solve.Care’s official Telegram group have stood out and helped in more ways than expected. To express our gratitude, Solve.Care started the Community Spotlight, a way of recognizing exceptional community members with a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution to Solve.Care Community Development, and a branded t-shirt.

When a year like 2019, we know that the coming year will be even better — more partnerships, more clients, and more success stories.

Join us on this journey! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium. Join the discussion on our official Telegram channel.

And if you’re really ready to make healthcare better, you may just find your next career at Solve.Care. We’re more than just a company.

Visit Solve.Care for more information.




We write about how Solve.Care is redefining the cost and convenience of healthcare around the world.

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Solve.Care Blog

Solve.Care Blog

We write about how Solve.Care is redefining the cost and convenience of healthcare around the world.

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