Better Lives with Care.Wallet: Tuberculosis in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has made great progress in fighting Tuberculosis (TB). In 2018 more than half a million more people received TB treatments than in prior years and TB related deaths dropped by 6%. According to the World Health Organization, Myanmar and India have made the most progress in ending TB in the region. Problems hindering treatment continue, however, and enhancing the coverage of preventative treatment is crucial.

Treatment for TB requires time off from work, a condition which can lead to many people not sticking to the treatment regime. Limited resources and access to care can put families at risk. Issues also surround the lack of transportation to a healthcare provider.

Care.Wallet can help in the fight to end tuberculosis in Southeast Asia. By using Care.Wallet, people gain better access to care from anywhere in the world by getting connected to healthcare providers straight through their smartphones. This fully synchronized app can help increase the number of reported instances and provide education to help stop the spread of TB. Healthcare providers can also offer additional resources to help patients avoid or recover from TB, such as recommendations for healthy living and other care opportunities — all inside the Care.Wallet.

Access to proper healthcare is also improved with Care.Wallet. Transportation can be arranged when scheduling an appointment. The Solve.Care Platform allows families and others to sponsor care in order to help support those who struggle to make it to their healthcare providers. Telemedicine is also being integrated for those who live too far from the nearest health facility.

By improving these and other conditions, together, we increase the chances of reaching the goal of 0 TB cases by 2030. And, with each passing day, the Solve.Care team is thinking of more ways to make Care.Wallet serve the needs of patients around the world.

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