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3 min readDec 16, 2023

Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Community Preview of Care.Trials Global Edition!

Solve.Care proudly presented a very special Community preview of Care.Trials, a revolutionary Care.Network that connects every medical researcher with every consumer in the world. A Care.Network that dramatically accelerates clinical trials research, extends human life, to cure chronic diseases, and make money along the way.

Care.Trials is not just about research on health treatments; it’s about unlocking innovation. By simplifying access to clinical trials, we are propelling healthcare into a new era.

Watch this video to learn how to sign up for Care.Trials>

Read the full announcement here>

2. Calling for Solve.Care Frontliners

Be a pioneer in the Care.Trials Community! We’re calling on you to become an early adopter. We want you to preview and test Care.Trials in your home country by connecting to local clinical trials. We have a clear target of having Care.Trials tested in 80+ countries, and you can play a pivotal role in successfully launching Care.Trials in those countries.

Your contributions will not go unnoticed! $4000 worth of MATIC rewards await

Solve.Care Frontliners!

Read the full details here>

Check out the latest stats and leaderboard on Care.Trials as of 15th Dec, 2023>

3. Telegram Team Chat With Agata Banach

Telegram Team Chat is back! In these chats, our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Michael Norton, engages with a different team member each week, asking them your questions!

Our guest this time is Agata Banach. Agata has been working for Solve.Care for many years and currently works with Solve.Care as our Senior Product Consultant.

Submit your questions NOW until Tuesday, December 19th in our Telegram Group. Agata will pick the questions. If your question gets picked you get 100 community points! Get those questions in early and use #question in your message so we don’t miss it.

Join us in our global Telegram group on Thursday, December 21st at 3PM UTC to listen live.

4. Solve.Care X Space Saturday

We are doing a special X Space on Saturday to celebrate the launch of Care.Trials.

Join Mike and LokalBitBuddy as we explain more about Care.Trials and why it’s amazing.

Here’s your chance to ask them questions live by jumping onto the stage.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 16th, at 3PM UTC, set a reminder here>

5. Crypto Cafe AMA on Binance Live!

Michael Norton is a busy man spreading the great news that is Solve.Care. He will also be having a Crypto Cafe AMA with the Tomket Lovers community on Binance Live, Monday December 18th 2023!

Read the full announcement here>

6. Recording of X Space With Trevin

Global Community Manager, Michael Norton, hosted Trevin on December 12th on the Solve.Care Weekly X Spaces.

Trevin is a big time blockchain and NFT enthusiast. He is a community manager, photographer and content creator. Many know of him as the SUI guy.

Listen to the recording of the session here>

7. Preparing for the Holidays With Care.Shelter and Care.Schools!

We are preparing for Christmas and the winter holidays with Care.Shelters and Care.Schools! Over the last 2 years, we have been sharing moments of joy, resilience, and hope with these incredible communities we were able to help create. And, we will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Right now, our team is on the ground, filled with excitement and joy, getting ready to deliver gifts to the children in Care.Shelters and Care.Schools. It’s been an incredible journey, and we’re thrilled to continue this tradition of spreading holiday cheer.

Read the full announcement here>

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Your Solve.Care Team.



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