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2 min readFeb 16, 2024

Hello Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Solve.Care X Akash Network

We recently formed an amazing partnership with Akash Network to provide an entirely new way for individuals and organizations to manage their patient healthcare data.

Now, with Akash Network’s cutting-edge decentralized compute infrastructure and Solve.Care’s innovative blockchain-based healthcare platform, we’re bringing our nodes to a whole new level in lower costs, scalability, and security.

Read the blog to explore the possibilities ignited by this collaboration.

2. Happy Lunar New Year!

As the Lunar New Year brings new beginnings, we joined the global celebration. We recognize the Year of the Dragon’s spirit of courage and transformation, and we remain committed to empowering our community to create a healthier future.

The full Lunar New Year wish can be found here>

3. Off-the-Chain AMA hosted by Bitmart!

On Friday, February 16th at 2pm UTC, our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Michael Norton was hosted on an AMA by Bitmart!

This AMA featured a panel of guests discussing various blockchain projects, and you can be sure that Mike did a great job evangelizing our mission of decentralizing healthcare for the benefit of everyone!

Listen to the recording of the Space here>

4. News on Akash Partnership Hits CoinMarketCap

The industry has taken notice of our partnership with Akash Network.

The news has been featured on CoinMarketCap, with over 26 million unique visitors a month.

You can check out the various articles that covered our partnership with Akash Network here: The BitTimes on CoinMarketCap | KysenPool on Medium

5. Join Telegram Voice Chat on Sunday

Join us this Sunday, Feb 18 at 2pm UTC on Telegram to listen or participate in our fireside-like chat. We will be discussing the events of the week, what we are looking forward to, and speaking to those in our community about Solve.Care.

Listen to our Global Community Manager, Mike Norton, as he brings us up to date on the last 7 days of Solve.Care news and answers live questions.

Set your reminders and join us here>

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