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3 min readAug 19, 2023

Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Zero-Knowledge Is the Future of Clinical Trials

We started a three-part series where we share the fascinating story behind Care.Trials and its promise to revolutionize the way we experience clinical trials.

We released the second part of the series, where Pradeep Goel discusses the hows and whys of zero-knowledge in Clinical Trials! ZK can drastically improve participation in clinical trials, and that is what our prospective clients are excited about.

Check out this article by Pradeep to fully understand why zero-knowledge allows Solve.Care to tap into and revolutionize a $48B industry.

Read the article here>

2. Treasury Update

A few weeks ago, we conducted a community poll regarding the release of team tokens. The results of the poll showed that the majority of our community world-wide wants either 100% of team tokens to be released immediately or the Board to decide as it sees fit.

Given all the facts and circumstances, the Advisory Board has decided to release all of the team tokens and instructed the management to execute their decision.

Note: We want to make sure that the community understands that the release of tokens does not mean that all team tokens will immediately become available for sale in the market.

Read the full announcement here>

3. Care.Trials in the News

An interesting article about the launch of the Care.Trials Network and the revolutionary significance of zero-knowledge proofs in healthcare has been published by journalist Josh Adams from BeInCrypto.

In this article, titled “Clinical Trials Increasingly Adopt Blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proofs”, discover how ZK proofs, trustless systems, blockchain, and Care.Trials Network enhance transparency and security for patients and clinical trials, empowering them with the tools they need to improve care.

Read the article here>

4. Recording of Telegram Team Chats Featuring Maria Yaremenko

In our fourth episode of Telegram Team Chats, our guest was Maria Yaremenko, she is our amazing Care.Wallet Product Manager that helps build and manage our wallet and the gateway to all healthcare.

Listen in as they speak about the journey of Care.Wallet, the challenges overcome, and what we can all be excited for in the future!

Watch the video recording of the session here>

5. Unlocking Enterprise Adoption: Solve.Care’s Remarkable Journey!

Solve.Care is reshaping the healthcare landscape with groundbreaking blockchain solutions. Our latest blog post dives deep into our journey towards unlocking enterprise adoption in healthcare blockchain.

Read the blog post to explore how Solve.Care’s innovative solutions are breaking down barriers, fostering seamless collaboration among stakeholders, and paving the way for a more connected healthcare ecosystem.

Read the blog here>

6. Government Blockchain Association Podcast: A Conversation About Blockchain & Health Records

Our Global Community Manager, Michael Norton had a great talk with Jacqueline Cooper, Host of the GBA Talk Show & CryptoMom2 Talk Show

In this podcast, Michael discussed the need for interoperability, data privacy, security and giving the power back to the patients.

Watch the full interview here>

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