Weekly Digest 19th Jan 2023

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2 min readJan 19, 2024

Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Solve.Care X Lillius are Back in the New Year with Joint Content!

Dive into this insightful interview between Dr. Uhn Lee, President of Solve.Care Korea, and Julia Kim, CEO of Lillius! Watch as they discuss the future of healthcare and our partnership.

Watch the interview here and learn more about Lillius and how we’ll develop our partnership.

2. X Spaces with Co-Host Adam Bitcoin!

On Jan 12th, our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Michael Norton, hosted Adam Bitcoin on our weekly X Spaces.

Listen to the recording of the session here>

3. Solve.Care X Lillius Gleam.io Contest

Here’s our first collaboration of the year with our partner Lillius. We were thrilled to announce the launch of a joint campaign by Solve.Care and Lillius on Gleam.io, featuring a $500 reward pool for 50 lucky winners! The campaign went live on January 8, 2024 and will run till January 21, 2024.

Read the full announcement here>

4. Special Healthcare X Spaces with Multiple Guests

On Jan 16th, our Global Community Manager, Michael Norton had an amazing conversation with prominent members in the crypto space that also have backgrounds in healthcare!

Listen to the recording of the session here>

5. Christmas Holidays in Care.Shelters

This is the second Christmas for Ukrainian children living in Care.Shelters, having lost their homes as war still rages on in the country.

Ukrainians are indeed amazing and resilient, having lost everything, but still celebrating the season with joy, hope, and the desire to rebuild their lives and the nation.

Watch this video to see how we’ve been able to provide much-needed presents and necessities for the people in Care.Shelters together with Rotary Erasme.

6. A Look Back at 2023

It gives us great pleasure to share with you our 2023 Year-End Round-Up for your reading!

2023 had been a year of innovation and progress for Solve.Care. In this special issue, we go over the most impactful events for Solve.Care in 2023. From the introduction of Care.Chain, Care.Platform Releases, our activities in Korea, to all the events we participated in, and the very important aid work being done in Ukraine, you will find it all in this issue!

Check out the Solve.Care 2023 Year-End Round-Up>

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Your Solve.Care Team.



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