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3 min readSep 22


Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Exciting News from Mainnet 2023 in New York!

The Solve.Care team is making waves at this year’s Mainnet 2023, taking place September 20–22.

Mainnet 2023 is a massive summit, hosted by leading crypto market intelligence giant Messari that gathers crypto leaders, operators, builders, investors, and more for three days. It provides an amazing opportunity to collaborate, network, and let the world know more about Solve.Care. Our mission to revolutionize healthcare with blockchain technology is stronger than ever, and we can’t wait to share our latest developments.

Check out these fantastic snapshots from our booth, where innovation and healthcare are coming together to create a brighter future. You can also find pictures of Pradeep speaking at the event here.

2. Solve.Care X Hancom Frontis Celebration Continues — Event 1

To celebrate with our community and collaborate with Hancom Frontis, we organized a fun giveaway on Twitter! We gave a chance for people to be one of the first to get their hands on the Korea Times Music Festival (KTMF) NFT Pass!

As part of our collaboration with a:rzMETA and Hancom Frontis we gave away 100 Whitelist spots to a:rzMETA KTMF Pass NFTs! This pass will allow them to participate in their Metaverse, have some fantastic outfits, and watch part of the KTMF event!

See the details of the first event here>

3. Korea Times Music Festival Pass Giveaway — Event 2

Our party with Hancom Frontis, continued and to celebrate with our community this time, we gave away 40 KTMF Pass NFTs! These NFTs allow them to participate in a:rzMETA’s Metaverse and watch the Korea Times Music Festival! This pass is a membership that grants you special costumes to wear in the metaverse while you explore, participate, and vote for your favorite contestants!

See the details of the second event here>

4. Recording of Telegram Teams Chat with Hijaz Radzi!

In our sixth episode of Telegram Teams Chat, we’re excited to introduce Hijaz! As Solve.Care’s Content and Communication Specialist, Hijaz has been an integral part of our growth journey.

Discover more about Hijaz’s remarkable journey at Solve.Care and how his content expertise, and storytelling approach has generated millions of readers for Solve.Care across the globe.

Check out the video recording if you missed the session here>

5. Interview with Professor Crypto!

Pradeep had another in-depth discussion with Professor Crypto on Solve.Care and talked about some of our major updates!

Discover how blockchain is reshaping healthcare and catch all the exciting details shared during the session here.

6. X Spaces Special Guest CryptoSolutions!

Our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Michael Norton, hosted CryptoSolutions on Sep 21st on our Weekly X Spaces.

CryptoSolutions is a content creator and blockchain enthusiast. With close to 300 YouTube videos over the last few years, CryptoSolutions knows how challenging it can be to keep up with the space.

Listen to the recording of the session here>

7. X Spaces Special Guest Noah!

Our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Michael Norton, will host Noah later today, Sep 22nd at 4:00 PM UTC on our Weekly X Spaces.

Noah is the CCO of Moby Media, and alongside his team, Noah has a massive following. Noah’s focus is on blockchain analysis, content on many platforms, and advocacy! We will be speaking on a range of blockchain topics.

Set your reminders and join the Space here>

8. Solve.Care in Research!

Solve.Care was featured in research papers by Report Ocean, “Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market 2023 Key Insights Based on Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand 2031”, and The Market Publicist, “Crypto Health Market Overview, Scope and Advancement Outlook till 2031”, shedding light on the present and future of blockchain and crypto in healthcare.

Check them out here: Report Ocean | The Market Publicist

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Your Solve.Care Team.



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