Weekly Digest 23rd Feb 2024

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2 min readFeb 23, 2024

Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Care.Platform Release 12 is Here

We were excited to unveil Care.Platform Release 12 (R12), a groundbreaking release brimming with features that empower you, optimize workflows, and propel us towards a healthier future.

Release 12 brings a host of features including file integrations, python test suites, useful new tiles and other enhancements that propel us down the path of mass adoption.

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2. Solve.Care Featured in Media

Blockchain technology is changing healthcare by enhancing data security, patient privacy, and interoperability, paving the way for a new era of transparent and efficient healthcare delivery.

Solve.Care’s Decentralized Healthcare Platform is featured as an example of the real life implementation of blockchain in healthcare in this insightful article by Omics Tutorial.

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3. Solve.Care in Research!

Solve.Care has been featured in a new research report this week, “Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis 2022–2030”. This research provides significant insights into the worldwide landscape of blockchain and crypto in healthcare.

Solve.Care is included in the report as a key company in the industry among other companies including IBM Corporation, Microsoft, Infosys, and many others!

Find the report here>

4. Care.Trials R12 Clips

If you have not been on X or in our Telegram discussion group you might have missed the latest videos about R12 features.

Here is a list to get acquainted with them:

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