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Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Care.Chain: Pioneering Carbon Neutrality in Blockchain & Healthcare!

We shared another enlightening issue of Care.Chain 101, where we journeyed through the fusion of blockchain and healthcare on our Layer-2 Care.Chain! In this article, we examined Care.Chain’s carbon-neutral approach, shedding light on the vital importance of an eco-friendly stance in the expansion of both industries.

Stay tuned for more Care.Chain 101 insights on decentralized healthcare and the boundless potential of blockchain tech.

Check out the article to read more>

2. Embracing the Future of Learning

Our collaborative efforts with the City of Incheon and Inha University to provide web3 courses for the Incheon Blockchain College 2023 are in full swing, and the energy is electric!

We are midway through our Care.Labs course, and should be completed by end September. In this course, students dive deep into the world of web3 with a hands-on experience of Care.Labs. A massive shoutout to our brilliant instructors, Vika Ovsiannikova (Delivery Team Lead) and Tae Kim (CCO for Solve.Care Korea), for making complex concepts feel like second nature!

Read the full announcement here>

3. Igniting a New Era with Solve.Care’s Centers of Excellence

We were thrilled to announce that Solve.Care is taking our current development teams in India and Ukraine to new heights! We’re turning these teams into Centers of Excellence (CoE), streamlining our efforts to bring you even more innovative solutions.

These CoEs adhere to working with the best practices, and the results don’t lie. Through our CoEs, we have had remarkable achievements like the groundbreaking Care.Platform Release 8 & 9 and the game-changing Care.Trials. These successes fuel our drive to create a healthier, more connected world.

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4. Where in the World is Carm…..the New CoE?!

We are ramping up our development capabilities and setting up a brand-new CoE in a brand-new location, somewhere in the world! The location will be revealed next Thursday. But in the meantime, we are having a fun engagement activity in our official Solve.Care Telegram group.

Over four days, starting today, we will be revealing one clue per day (no clues on Sat & Sun so you can enjoy the weekend) right up to our reveal next Thursday to see if anyone can guess where this new CoE (Center of Excellence) will be. Each day at 1.00pm UTC, a new clue will be released portraying something this country is known for.

Join the fun and learn more here>

5. Telegram Team Chat with Maria Ozadovska!

The fifth episode of Telegram Team Chat is taking place on the 25th August with Maria Ozadovska, our Marketing Director and Chief Operations Officer as the guest. Maria has been a key component to the progress and growth of all areas of Solve.Care! We will release the recording of this session soon.

In the fourth episode, Maria Yaremenko, Our Care.Wallet Product Manager spoke about the journey of Care.Wallet, the challenges overcame, and what we can all be excited about in the future.

Check out the video recording if you missed the session>

6. Update On Care.Shelter

We celebrated Ukraine’s National Flag Day and Independence Day alongside our Ukrainian team members. We are delighted to share an update on how Solve.Care, in partnership with Rotary Erasme, is assisting the resilient Ukrainians during this challenging time. Many have lost their homes and had to leave their cities, but they stand strong and refuse to surrender.

Every day at Care.Shelters, we witness their unwavering determination as they work to rebuild their lives, facing countless difficulties with incredible resilience. They are rebuilding their lives to be able to rebuild their beloved Ukraine.

Check out the full announcement here>

7. Solve.Care X Space featuring Jake Gallen

Our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Michael Norton, hosted Jake Gallen on Wednesday (23/8/23) on our weekly X Spaces.

Jake Gallen is a Las Vegas entrepreneur, podcast host, content creator, and NFT collector. He has founded multiple business endeavors, spoken across dozens of stages, appeared on over 50 podcasts, and has been involved in the crypto industry since early 2017. You can learn more about Jake here.

Listen to the recording of the session here>

8. Interview with Whales of Wall Street!

Pradeep recently had an incredible interview with Simon from Whales of Wall Street, diving deep into how Solve.Care is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape using the power of blockchain! More and more people are joining our community. This interview not only helps them get to know more about what Solve.Care is trying to do but also introduces us to new audiences too.

Curious to learn more?

Check out the interview here>

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