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2 min readOct 27, 2023

Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Solve.Care X CloudKeeper

We recently joined forces with CloudKeeper, another brilliant tech expert, to reshape the landscape of AI-powered cloud technology and take our nodes for Care.Labs to the next level. An unstoppable partnership that ensures Solve.Care’s healthcare magic becomes real and accessible for everyone worldwide.

Imagine a world in which healthcare was not simply a service; rather, it was tailored specifically to you — like playing with an interactive toy! Now imagine it has arrived thanks to Solve.Care’s incredible journey into the future!

This partnership marks an essential step towards realizing our vision of an efficient healthcare system that employs cutting-edge technologies for individual care as well as providing even more healthcare-related services to our users.

Check out the press release here>

2. Partnership in the Media

Solve.Care and CloudKeeper have come together to reshape the landscape of AI-powered cloud technology and take our node infrastructure to the next level!

Now this news has been published in multiple media outlets! But that’s not all, we have been featured again on A Chain of Blocks by Jason! A Chain of Blocks is a great YouTube channel where you kind find the latest and most interesting news in the crypto space.

Watch the video here, or check out this article.

3. Solve.Care in the News!

Check out this latest article which provides an overview of Solve.Care and how SOLVE will change the healthcare sector by Okoh Abraham on CryptoNewsBytes! CryptoNewsBytes provides educational content & latest news, trends, and developments in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space.

SOLVE is our digital token that has real-life usage to make a measurable impact on the quality of healthcare for both patients and providers globally. Articles like this help spread the word!

Read it here>

4. Featured on TacoBytes X Space

Our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Mike Norton, was a guest on the recent TacoByte X Space [Your Daily Bite of Degen #428].

He explained how our platform is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape using the power of blockchain and what we are working on to bring healthcare on-chain!

Discover how blockchain is reshaping healthcare and catch all the exciting details.

Listen to the recording of the session here>

5. X Spaces Special Guest Phygital!

On October 27th, Friday, 5:00 PM UTC, Global Community Manager, Michael Norton, is hosting Phygital!

Phygital is keen on the blockchain space and focuses on NFTs with real-world applications. He is also a part of MobyMedia and is a regular on the X Spaces circuit.

Find the Space here>

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Your Solve.Care Team.



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