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3 min readSep 8, 2023


Hi Solve.Care Community, this week in Solve.Care:

1. Korea Blockchain Week 2023!

The largest blockchain event in Korea is currently underway! Beginning on September 4 and continuing until September 10. Solve.Care is actively participating in KBW2023, which consists of numerous conferences and events.

Over the course of the week, Solve.Care sponsored and took part in 2 different events! Both conferences featured presentations from the Solve.Care team and Tae Kim, Chief Operating Officer of Solve.Care Korea.

Check out the full announcement here>

2. GBA’s Exciting Fall Event!

Join us at the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) conference, “Blockchain & Infrastructure: The Rise of AI,” in Washington, DC on September 28–29, 2023! Discover how blockchain is shaping the future of government and AI integration.

The impressive attendee list includes representatives from the United Nations, national governments worldwide, state and local governments, private companies, academic institutions, and media outlets. This event promises stellar networking opportunities in the multi-billion-dollar blockchain industry.

Learn more and register here>

3. Telegram Team Chat with Ed Odjaghian!

In these chats, our Global Community Manager Extraordinaire, Michael Norton, engages with a different team member each week, asking them your questions!

Our guest this time is Ed Odjaghian! Ed is our Senior Vice President of Client Service in Network Delivery! He heads the network delivery team and has done an incredible job of reducing our network delivery time and cost.

Submit your questions NOW until Tuesday, September 12th at 12PM UTC in our Telegram Group. Ed will pick the questions. If your question gets picked you get 100 community points!

Join us in our global Telegram group this Wednesday, September 13th at 12PM UTC to listen live!

4. Solve.Care in the News

Solve.Care is featured in an article titled “The Future Of Tech: Dr. Paolo Tasca On The Emergence Of Decentralised AI” published by IntelligentHQ!

This insightful piece highlights our journey and commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through blockchain and AI technologies.

This acknowledgment inspires us to persist in our mission of reshaping healthcare administration, placing patients at the center, and simplifying the process. Together, we’re actively shaping the future of healthcare!

Read the full article here>

5. The Date Has Been Set!

Hold onto your hats. It’s all systems go and we’re about to ignite a firestorm of excitement! Mark your calendars for an important date: September 12th! We’re joining forces with a titan in the crypto industry to bring you new possibilities, opportunities, increase SOLVE availability, and launch exciting joint marketing initiatives with the crypto giant.

Brace yourselves for a collaboration that will take the healthcare experience to a whole new level. All the pieces are coming together for massive adoption and getting SOLVE into the hands of patients around the world.

Keep your eyes on our channels for more details about this exciting partnership coming your way soon!

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Your Solve.Care Team.



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