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5 min readNov 7, 2019

Win! Two Awards at the World Blockchain Awards

In September, we won two awards at the World Blockchain Awards in New York City.

Solve.Care took first place in both the “Top 3 Innovative Blockchain Solutions” and the “Top 3 Outstanding Projects” categories. We were recognized for our contribution to the blockchain industry and our application of the technology in healthcare.

Ed Odjaghian (third, from left), Solve.Care Head of Partnership and Project Management, was there in New York to accept the awards. Commenting on the honor, he said,

“Solve.Care was rightfully acknowledged for the innovation it brings to the healthcare-on-blockchain industry. Our application of blockchain technology truly is innovative and game changing. I was proud to accept these awards, evidence of our commitment to changing healthcare worldwide”.

The World Blockchain Awards were held as part of the World Blockchain Forum, which gathers the top minds of the industry and honors innovative contributions to blockchain technology.

Win! Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award

In April, Solve.Care took home the Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum in Singapore. We won the prestigious award after being nominated and selected by the blockchain community.

Solve.Care is the first company to use digital currency and blockchain technology in healthcare for value-based payments. By implementing these technologies, we’re making healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone.

CEO Pradeep Goel said, “Solve.Care is first among many very talented projects. And, with our recognition as the Most Innovative Blockchain Project, the community acknowledges the value and true innovation that is the Solve.Care platform. This is truly a step towards a better future, not only for us, but for the entire healthcare system. The Solve.Care team is very proud of this accomplishment, and I am very proud of them.”

The Blockchain Life Forum is one of the largest and most important forums for blockchain in the world. The forum gathered more than 3,000 attendees from over 70 countries.

Shortlisted! GITEX Partnership of the Year Award

Solve.Care was shortlisted for the Partnership of the Year Award by GITEX, which recognizes industry disruptors and leaders in technology and digital transformation.

We’re being considered for our collaboration with client Arizona Care Network (ACN), a leading accountable care organization in the United States. Since 2018, Solve.Care has been working with ACN to implement Care.Wallet for Physicians, one of our flagship blockchain-based applications which has helped the healthcare organization improve physician performance and clinical outcomes. This Care.Wallet facilitates value-based payments in the form of digital currency - the first case in history where blockchain technology and a digital currency have been used by a healthcare network.


Solve.Care has been shortlisted for the Health Tech Company of the Year Award by Health Tech Newspaper within the framework of their Health Tech Awards 2019.

Solve.Care was recognized for being the first company to adopt blockchain technology and digital currency for value-based payments in healthcare with the solution Care.Wallet for Physicians. The solution is used by Solve.Care client Arizona Care Network and serves as the system for a clinic or individual provider to view their overall performance as well as individual metrics. This empowers providers to quickly make changes to improve care. They also see the rewards they are on track to earn, based on their performance.

The Health Tech Awards celebrate and showcase exceptional projects, teams, technology and organizations across health and care that are making a real difference. Solve.Care’s shortlisting for the Impact of the Year Awards recognizes the company’s revolutionary approach to transforming the healthcare industry for the benefit of patients around the world.

Nominated! Disruptor Daily’s “Blockchain in Healthcare Use Case” Award

Solve.Care is excited to announce that we’ve been nominated for another award: the first annual ‘Blockchain in Healthcare Use Case Award’. The award is sponsored by Disruptor Daily, a news website focused on technology and innovation, with the aim of promoting companies that are creating practical uses for blockchain within the healthcare industry. We’re proud to have been nominated by Daily Disruptor readers for this award, in recognition of our innovative approach to improving healthcare access and affordability around the world.

The prize includes the opportunity to submit unlimited guest content for 12 months on Disruptor Daily, and a mention in all blockchain healthcare content produced on the website for one year. If we win, we’ll be sure make the most of it!

Nominated: European Lifestars Health tech Company of the Year Award

In September, Solve.Care was a finalist in the European Lifestars Awards in the Health tech Company of the Year category.

With this award, organizers recognize a European digital health, digital therapeutic, database, application, or wearables health tech company that has demonstrated superior excellence in strategy, process, focus, and execution to create significant value for consumer, patients, investors, employees, and the broader life science community.

Winners will be announced at the European Lifestars Awards event on November 19, 2019 in London. A panel of over 75 distinguished experts will judge and score each finalist, choosing a winning and a highly commended company for each category.



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